"Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?" the famous song goes.

The author does, and uses the beloved characters from Jane Austen's most popular novels -- Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, and Emma -- to tell the modern-day story of the City that Care Forgot.

A Cajun from the bayou country of Louisiana meets the rich and proud heir to a shipping fortune.
A singer from Mississippi must choose between the boy who inflames her heart and the man who respects her.
And a Jewish girl from the Garden District is so busy running everyone else's lives she is in danger of missing the true love under her very nose.

Over a ten-year period, we follow the lives of these three women -- how they laughed, how they cried, and how they grew. And how a monster named Katrina threatened to take everything away.

It is also the story of a magical place. A city like no other. New Orleans. The Crescent City. 

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