CRESCENT CITY by Jack Caldwell

Ruin and Renewal
Volume Three of CRESCENT CITY
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2005. The greatest natural disaster in American history is fast approaching New Orleans. Friend, family, and foe alike will meet their fates as Hurricane Katrina tries to drown the Gulf Coast.

Who will live and who will not? The survivors must pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Can the kindness of strangers make up for the bureaucratic bumbling of government officials?

Will those left in the Crescent City ever find normalcy again?

What the Critics Are Saying about Jack Caldwell

"Caldwell writes in the spirit of Austen, with the same wit that cemented Austen's novels as literary classics."

"Achingly romantic and breathlessly paced, it ate me alive with alternating feelings of dread, mirth, tears, and joy…just what a great read is supposed to do."

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