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Second Impressions - Regency; what-if Mr. Darcy had literally "gotten off his high horse" and confronted Mr. Wickham in Meryton? Variations - Regency; a series of what-if short stories, each one starting with a different point of departure from canon.
Mr. Darcy's P&P POV (the abridged version) - Regency; a funny journey into the mind of Mr. Darcy during the events of Pride & Prejudice. Snowbound - Regency; Elizabeth Bennet falls victim to a freak spring snowstorm, and the only man who can save her is "the last man on Earth she could be prevailed on to marry."
Fifteen Thousand Nights - Western; a poignant vignette inspired by Pemberley Ranch.

PerfectLizzy Meets Her Match - Regency; Mr. Darcy meets talks to PerfectLizzy. Facical FWC.

Short Squeeze - Play; a romantic comedy about love, investments and gunplay, set in the early 1990s.
Short Stories - Various short stories,
vignettes and drabbles

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